VIT Technology Enhancement Centre


Impart skills to enhance performance, productivity and global competence


  • Thriving collaboration with national & international industries and institutions.
  • Rewarding Co-creations through upskilling & reskilling SME / MSME sectors in the region.
VIT-TEC Credentials
  • A globally-renowned institute
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Alumnus in many countries
  • 90+ Courses
  • 200+ proven Industry solutions
  • 500+ trained Corporates
  • Globally recognized advanced technical courses
  • Well researched learning resources
  • Highly Qualified & Dedicated Professionals
  • Expertise in Diversified Domains
  • Industry Sponsored Centre of Excellence
  • Custom Designed Training Programs
  • Basics-to-Advanced Levels of Training
  • Face-to Face & Blended mode Training
Benefits of Training
  • Enhance Employee Agility
  • Reduce Skills-gap and Business gap
  • Stay updated with Latest Technology
  • Increase in Productivity
  • Innovative Idea Generation
  • Reskilling and Up skilling Employees
  • Increase in Employee Motivation and Morale
  • Retaining talent
  • Remaining Competitive
  • Building Work Culture
  • Training solutions impacting your Business
  • Drive towards your mission
  • Build and manage your brand
  • Make strategic business decisions
  • Identify leaders – smooth succession planning
Services through VIT-TEC


Technology programs offers upskilling and reskilling in the emerging technical areas.


Developing strong management skills is essential to take on leadership roles and advance careers in any industry.

Leadership & Personality

Trainers will lend their expertise to evaluate one’s own personality, alter one’s perception for better outcomes.

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